Traditional manufacturing rising

There’s a current of optimism about manufacturing in Waterloo Region. We’ve all heard about layoffs and plant closures, but people who make things are positive, whether it’s small-scale, niche production or larger, globally competitive companies marketing their products internationally.


ION dialogues: Jay Walljasper

TCE is sharing an on-going discussion series on ION impacts. This month, we sat down with Jay Walljasper, award-winning community builder, journalist, author, and city collector.


Summer bucket list: Watch, read and listen

Big budget spectacles fill the theatres, page-turning novels keep us up at night, and music is played and sung along to loudly – summer is a great time for pop culture. TCE reviews the season’s got-to-check-it-out experiences.


Freshest from farm to table

The traditional economies – building a barn rather than a web page, incubating eggs rather than startups – continue to plow through the seasons, supplying refrigerators across the region.


What gives, WR? Apparently, not you.

Regular household in Waterloo Region has nearly $10,000 more in gross income than our neighbours in Toronto. You’d think this above-average financial situation would make us more charitable. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

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Mapping the stories of the streets

TCE has been penning stories about WR’s neighbourhoods in the series “If streets could talk.” We’re compiling them here!


Side street scenes

When the game of Kerplunk is five feet tall, it’s pretty hard to walk past without stopping to stare. That’s okay. In fact, it’s ideal on Ontario Street.


The changing course of the Iron Horse

How the City of Kitchener and the University of Waterloo are collaborating to develop the Iron Horse Trail into an inclusive and equitable community asset.


A letter from the editor: On the response to nudity

Following a month of discussion and controversy surrounding “Live nudes,” including copies of TCE being pulled from stands in some locations, EIC Allison Leonard reflects on nudity, on media and on Waterloo Region.

LRT Construction alt


Every month, TCE will be sharing a conversation with someone affected by LRT construction. To start, we caught up with Kimberly Moser, manger of community relations for the ION.


Smoke and soul at Hogtails

Partners Darryl and Sarah Haus took over the popular restaurant known for its authentic southern style barbeque last year. And while BBQ will still feature prominently in the restaurant’s future new southern influence is on the menu, too.


Remixing traditions with Lemon Bucket

Self-described Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super band the Lemon Bucket Orkestra celebrated the release of their sophomore album “Mookra” at Boathouse on April 22.


Waterloo’s development dialogue

TCE caught up with Ryan Mounsey, urban planner, economic developer, and Manager of Business and Retention Services for the City of Waterloo to talk about the vision for Waterloo’s development.


Live nudes

Allison Leonard sheds clothing and preconceptions alike at THEMUSEUM.


Walking with Jane in Waterloo

Waterloo Region is one of the most active centres of Jane’s Walk activity. This year the Region hosted 23 completely different walks.


Of brick and beam

The Community Edition set out to find the frames that withstood industry and time, the brick and mortar laid for generations to come. In a city of development, what historic buildings are candidates for renovation?


If streets could talk: Albert-MacGregor

From the less travelled to the less-appreciated, TCE is exploring the good, the bad and the evolving neighbourhoods of Waterloo Region.


Book review: The Bear, by Claire Cameron

Claire Cameron’s “The Bear” deftly handles issues larger than the page span should allow.

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Delivering music through mixed media

Thousands of bands both new and old are posting music daily, and they’re all vying for the commodity most precious to them, your ears’ real estate. The Famines, who recently played Princess Cafe are taking a new approach.


Secret, simple, savoury

The Savoury, hidden in uptown Waterloo is offering traditional English fare from shortbread to pot pies.

Alistair MacLellan

The makings of a maker culture

“For me, and some people might disagree, to be a maker you have to do more than just make something or craft. Being a maker is also about rejecting aspects of modern consumer culture.”


10 ideas to change Waterloo Region

An awareness-raising campaign? A community art project? A neighbourhood party? Whatever your idea to better Waterloo Region, we want to hear it.


Finding community in comics

Andy Brast, owner of Carry-On Comics in uptown Waterloo, breaks away from our interview to greet two customers who have just walked through the door. They exchange greetings of familiarity while he catches up with them and instinctually reaches for their weekly haul of comics behind the counter.


Bridging history through arts

Four pylon-style gas lights have appeared atop Weber St. bridge, donned in art work representing the industrial heritage of the area.


Warming up to winter in Waterloo Region

Can’t we simply outwit and outwait winter – sitting indoors basked in the warm glow of the screens that provide a safe and protected window onto our world? Of course we can. But I, for one, am skeptical of this long hibernation. Comfortable as it is, it comes at a cost.


Waterloo Region under review: Complexities of healthcare

Waterloo was noted as one of the country’s jewels, rating highly on most metrics, and coming out as one of the most attractive cities in the country – unfortunately, healthcare was not one of the city’s most charming qualities. Dan Herman explores the complexities of healthcare provision in Waterloo Region.


The view from upstream: Unearthed poverty

On the eastern edge of downtown, near an expressway onramp, under streets and residential properties, lie the remains of some of Kitchener’s poorest citizens.


Books bound in tradition

I use a notebook for everything,” says Alistair MacLellan. As the executive director of Waterloo-based MacLellan & Baetz Publishing House, MacLellan will jot down lists, sketches and design concepts in his notebook as a place for safekeeping ideas. Consulting his notebook so often, MacLellan began to look beyond the pages.


The heavy cost of a home in WR

Purchasing a suitable house is becoming increasingly challenging for the millennial demographic. The average purchase price for housing in Waterloo Region was $337,000, and though lower than many other large and mid-sized cities in Ontario, the figure has been gradually rising since 2005.


The nostalgia of the Globetrotters

The Globetrotters participated in their usual family friendly antics – such as the “bucket of water” gag, the “slow motion replay” gag and alley-oop, after alley-oop, after alley-oop, to be up by 9 points with just over a minute left.


Belmont Village Raves for Raja

With little fanfare (save for an unassuming sandwich board proclaiming “Now Open!”), Raja has entered the fray of Kitchener-Waterloo eateries. And get this: with no advertising except word of mouth, there’s hardly a single table available on a Friday night.


Jaworsky’s first four months

As the city’s calendar dictates, initial responsibilities for Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky include everything from engaging the public to passing a budget. TCE sat down with Jaworsky to get some reflections on his mayoral experience.


Waterloo Region’s best greasy spoons

It’s the space where the décor isn’t overthought and the paintings are either celebrating “the best team” or knick knacks you can find at a Saturday garage sale. Join TCE for breakfast as we profile our favourite greasy spoons in Waterloo Region.


Studio54 at THEMUSEUM

Join us as we live blog from #Studio54KW, on Saturday, Feb. 28 at THEMUSEUM.


A Close Shave

Dani Saad goes under the blade at G&T Barbers to experience the long-standing tradition of a straight shave.


Comic Con Coming to Kitchener

In the pantheon of geek culture, few things are more celebrated then the holy grail of all events, Comic Con. The celebrated convention makes its way to Kitchener this month.


Mixing Cocktails and Canvases

Taking place in a pub or restaurant, Paint Nite introduces social art to the masses with the motto “drink creatively”.

Weird Canada operates from its covert Waterloo location at the corner of King and Erb Streets. MATT SMITH PHOTO EDITOR

Canadian Music Collective In Uptown

It’s hiding in plain sight, nondescript, above an uptown bike shop; one of Canada’s most vital and celebrated underground collectives calls Waterloo home.



Urban Editor Andrew Morgan highlights content in this month’s letter from the Community Edition team.


A New Folking Tune at Boathouse

Folk Roots Brew, a weekly music series is proving to be an alarm for a city that’s waking to a reinvigorated folk music scene and environment of community support.


Lessons in Lent

In a letter to the Community Edition, Alistair MacLellan shares his intention to give up alcohol for Lent and experience a self-exploring roller coaster all the way to Easter weekend.


Elliott Brood Evolving

Elliott Brood’s news album, entitled Work and Love opens with “Little Ones.” It’s a song that has the guts of Bruce Springsteen style heartland rock, combined with piano and slide guitar to elicit even more emotion.



Singing your name to 30 or so strangers is a really great way to jump into the fire.



In the wake of the most widespread Ebola epidemic in history Alan Quarry and his business partner, Glen Drummond, come up with the idea for Stone Soup WR: A Benefit Concert in Support of Doctors Without Borders.

Photo Courtesy the Baby Box Co.


If the social determinants of health hold such promise, what are we doing locally, provincially, and nationally to apply these ideas? This month, Cameron Dearlove asks how Canada measures up in prenatal care.


Never ending cycle

Don’t let winter put the brakes on cycling. Our friends at Tri-TAG and Recycle Cycles offer tips for braving the weather on two-wheels.

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